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Marine Services Asia Pacific has been a prominent player in the commercial maritime and diving industries in Australia for over three decades. With extensive experience in various marine services. Our vessels are offshores survey research and crew transfer, scientific, anchor handling, marine services, marine support, subsea, navigation aid maintenance. We have honed a diverse set of skills to undertake simple to complex projects, catering to a wide array of clients.

Our core expertise lies in vessel supply, maintenance, and operations, which allows us to meet the demands of numerous commercial applications. We take pride in our specialised services that include crew transfers, both onshore and offshore, ensuring seamless transportation for personnel to and from different locations.

In particular, we excel in the passenger and crew transfer domain, providing unparalleled services for dive support as well as offering commercial charter solutions. Our fleet of vessels is extensive, and we have the capability to procure project-specific vessels, enabling us to optimise efficiency and safety for each unique project.

Our team is the heart of our success, boasting highly skilled and experienced professionals such as vessel masters, deck personnel, dive supervisors, and marine engineers. Their expertise is well-regarded not only in the Asia Pacific Maritime industry but also beyond.

Moreover, we have significant experience working with wind farms, both onshore and offshore. Our knowledge in this sector allows us to effectively handle projects related to wind energy, contributing to the sustainable development of renewable resources.

With a track record of excellence, Marine Services Asia Pacific is your reliable partner for a wide range of marine and subsea operations. Whether it’s vessel supply, crew transfers, onshore and offshore projects, or wind farm services, we have the capability and experience to meet your unique requirements. Our commitment to safety, efficiency, and professionalism sets us apart as a trusted choice in the industry.

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At Marine Services Asia Pacific we pride ourselves in being able to plan and deliver an organised and controlled project following the principles of excellent project management practices.  Marine Industries Victoria utilise structured, developed and sound project management principles, which result in the proven performance of meeting client demands.  By using these techniques, we are able to adapt and provide flexibility, allowing for complete control on all project fronts resulting in project closure on time, in budget and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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Australia's Marine Services

Australia's marine services are integral to the offshore energy and resources sector. Offshore oil and gas exploration, along with the rapidly growing renewable energy industry, depend heavily on marine services for operations and maintenance. Specialised offshore and crew transfer vessels, equipment, and expertise are essential for the safe and efficient functioning of wind farms, tidal energy projects, and oil rigs. These activities play a crucial role in enhancing Australia’s energy security and supporting the transition towards cleaner energy sources.

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